Wireless Solutions for Education Sector


Educational centers around the world always want to provide their students with the best quality of education available. The Internet and other technologies play a significant role in assisting schools, colleges, universities, and technical schools provide better education. A College campus has a requirement to provide Wireless Internet access to its students and employees inside the classrooms or any other area of the whole campus (cafeteria, library, hall, etc).

Sharing important information over a network to different locations in an educational organization providing students, teachers, and other employees with high-speed connections and internet is an essential feature but can be costly specially if telephony leased lines or cable companies are used. By using Netkrom’s products you will discover the full benefits of embracing Broadband Wireless Technology.


Modern and cutting edge education.

Improving communication between students and teachers.

Improved student learning.

Elimination of wired line costs.

Elimination of dedicated leased lines from Telecom Companies



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