Wireless Internet Service Provider


The Wireless Internet Service Provider System (WISP) is an integrated Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) system of connecting customers to the Internet. High-speed wireless data links are used to provide Internet access on a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint basis, for companies, governmental organizations, schools, universities and other institutions having Local Area Networks (LAN).

Wireless data links take place of dedicated leased lines where the leased line connection is not possible or too expensive. The WISP can be obtained from Netkrom as ready to install Base Station and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). All necessary parts of the wireless links are available as well.


High Speed Data Links (Up to 300 Mbps).

Fast Installation of the Base Station (one or two days).

Fast Installation for your customers (2 to 6 hours installation per site).

Cost effective access for prolonged use and multiple users.

Reliable and instant 24 hour Internet access



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